Serendipity Hall
Somewhere between serenity and serendipity.
Serendipity Hall Speakers

February 27th, Grad Club
Sean Renaud: Serendipity, a poem
Derek Liston: Jackie Chan’s War of the Worlds
Matt Shultz: Cosmosociety - How world-views shape our experience
Cian O’Neill-Kizoff: Global Food issues + Personal Food Philosophy
Matthew Myers: Internet Evolution + Market Revolution
Posters: Asad Chishti, Tickets: Sarah Murray+Asad Chishti

March 12th, Sleepless Goat
Ryan Fraser: I like the way it feels between my legs
Kevin Imrie: Community - The Locomotive that Runs On Us
Martha’s Table
Asad Chishti: Serendipity+Black Holes+Prime Numbers
Posters: Asad Chishti

March 26th, Grad Club
Wes Maciejewski: Universal Education
Atif Kukaswadia: Cardboard Boxes-Spaceships, Forts or Friends?
Elias Da Silva-Powell: Clothes
Graeme Melcher: Self-Improvement through Punk Rock
Jason Rajsic: Probability-Inspirational and Cautionary Tales
Maya Bielinski: Etymologies You Should Know 
Poster: Asad Chishti

April 10th, Grey House
Dave Burling + Neil: Sleepless Goat
Stephanie Cork: Accessibility at Queen’s
Alexandra Petre: Nomads
Ted Lee: Risk
Annie Therrien-Boulos: Things that I love 
Poster: Jonathon Reed